Bel`s Natural Skin Balm

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Bel's Natural skin Balm
100% natural
hand made in New Zealand. 
For External use only:
Eczema, Psoriasis, scars, 
fine lines and wrinkles, 
dry chapped skin. 
Contains: Kawakawa, Manuka, 
Grapeseed Oil, 
NZ Organic Bees wax. 100ml 

Shipping overseas can be arranged, 
please enquire. 

Keep in cool dry place. 

Orders in large volumes available.
包含:卡瓦卡瓦,麦卢卡,葡萄籽油,有机新西兰元蜂蜡。 100毫升

What brought me to making this wonderful Balm? Myself and some of my family members suffer from Psoriasis and unfortunately both my brother and I have it on our face and after googling a cure and found absolutely no cure what so ever, I decided to make my own.  

I am currently doing a Rongoa Maori (Maori Medicine) course and have been learning a lot about natural health care and natural healing with our wonderful Indiginous plants here in New Zealand.

I follow the Maori traditional ways of collecting these plants and their uses.

I hope this Balm helps you as much as it is helping me.  The Balm is used ongoing and is not a sudden cure but definitely helps the healing process. 



我目前在做一个Rongoa Maori(Maori医学)课程,并一直在学习了很多关于天然保健和我们的精彩Indiginous在新西兰植物自然愈合。


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