Broccoli Soup with side of Bacon

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Low Carb Broccoli Soup with side of Bacon


Broccoli Soup with side of Bacon

Soup is very satisfying. Simple and easy to make but absolutely delish. Replace fresh cream with alternative cream if you are dairy intollerant 


2 x medium heads Broccoli - chopped

250ml Cream

Salt and Pepper

5 rashers of Bacon


Boil or steam Broccoli till just tender in salted water.  Allow to cool but do not strain water. Crisp up Bacon and shop half into little pieces to sprinkle on top of Soup, leaving some whole crispy rashes of bacon to serve with your soup for a little more crunch.  Once Soup is cooled enough blend into smooth consistency and add half the cream blended together with Brocolli.

Serve the soup in bowl with a little extra swirl of cream on top, sprinkle chopped crisp bacon bits and serve with a crisp rasher of bacon.

Serves 4

Total - Calories 1.853, Carbs 86, Fibre 32, Protein 126, Fat 146, Sugar 26, Carbs less Fibre = 54

Per serving - Calories 463.25, Carbs 21.5, Protein 31.5, Fat 36.5, Sugar 6.5, Carbs less Fibre = 13.5



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